Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Almost Fall!

I can't believe we've been a four-pack for a full month now...the last weeks have been amazing, exhausting, exhilirating, and extremely challenging! It's an intense yoga, creating this new bond and configuration within our family. But we're getting into a somewhat recognizable groove, and I think we're all actually feeling reasonably well-rested. Idris is unbelievably sweet with his baby brother--the only problem is that he wants to wake him constantly to play! In addition to stepping further into his role as big brother, Idris approached another milestone this past week: learning to ride a two-wheel (well, two plus training wheels) bike, an early birthday gift from his Mimi and Uncles Dave and Mike. He's rocking it. We can't keep up! It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How did he get so big in so little time?
September has shaped up to be a gorgeous month, and it's still quite warm. Still, you can smell autumn in the air in the evenings, and it makes me fall a little bit in love with this place (I wish I could keep that going through the winter!) We are looking forward to visits to nearby orchards, brewing fall beers and cider, going to the pumpkin patch with Idris's class, and walks around the lake near our house where the trees become a riot of color as October unfolds.
Love and big blessings to you all, family and friends.

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cake said...

your family is beautiful, and so is your writing. i look forward to more.